Sunday, March 2, 2008

Blue's Product Placement: Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Body Wax Hair Removal Kit

Preemptive Editor's Note: Blue would like to preface this by stating quite firmly that she supports wholeheartedly the natural state of both the female and the male of our species: hirsute. However, she understands that many people -- e.g. employers -- do not share this sentiment. This is her response.

While I was in India, I stopped shaving my legs. The bucket bath was not conducive to a daily shaving, and I'm the kind of girl who will revert back to stubble within 24 hours.

I stopped shaving my legs, and my underarms, and didn't miss it for a moment. Of course, I was fortunate in that all of my pretty blue salwars hid the furriness. I loved that I could go from "just woken up" to "ready to face the world" in fifteen minutes.

When I returned to the US, I started shaving again. I hated it. Not the smooth legs vs. furry legs business, but the act of shaving itself. It was time-consuming, repetitive, and I nicked myself far too often. I found myself seeking out excuses not to shave my legs: well, I'm wearing jeans today, etc.

Then I found the best excuse of all: my broken toe. As I had to shower with one leg taped into a plastic garbage sack, shaving was clearly not an option.

So here I was, with a month's growth of hair on my legs, dreading the idea of going back to shaving. Then I had an inspiration.

Enter Sally Hansen and her Lavender Spa Body Wax Hair Removal Kit. I figured that since I had already done the hard work of growing out the leg hair, the least I could do was see if waxing really kept it off "for 5 to 8 weeks."

My first thought was to get it done by a professional, but even the college student joints wouldn't do a wax for less than $70, and Sally was only $9.99.

So last night I stripped to my skivvies, sat on a flattened 20-gallon trash bag (to catch the spills), and waxed my legs.

It took just about 90 minutes, and I distracted myself by watching episodes of CSI on Hulu. I found it a lot easier to pull out my hair by the roots if I was trying to figure out who the killer was before Grissom did. All said and done, however, it wasn't all that painful. I mean, it was a little uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt anything like some of the stuff I've been through recently.

The wax was really messy, but it got the job done. I would definitely urge anyone considering a DIY waxing to set out some plastic or something for the mess. I was also using the internet trick of dousing my legs liberally with baby powder before applying the wax (theoretically the wax will stick to the hair, but leave the skin untouched), and so my trash bag station was soon covered with drips and powder.

And there's nothing cooler than pulling off a strip and seeing exactly what hundreds of hair bulbs look like.

I know that people consider leg waxing to be one of those horrible things women do to oppress themselves, but -- barring my switch to reusable menstrual products -- this was the 100% most liberating thing I've done as a woman in a long time. I've solved a problem and now I shouldn't have to deal with it for five-to-eight weeks. That's fantastic.

I'll let you know when it all starts to grow back.


Never Mind!! said...

I had one of my WORST waxing experiences using Sally Hansen's Lavender Wax. Given that I am pretty hairy and I was trying to achieve a perfect look for the honeymoon, it just took me forever to wax just one leg. And then I had to microwave the wax often coz it would just freeze after about 5-10 minutes. And finally, I stopped when I spilled the hot wax all over one leg and the floor. I still carry evidences of the spill on my leg and the floor [:(]

Anonymous said...


get yourself to an Indian grocery store, and buy a jar of Indian wax - Lakme makes one, and there are some other brands as well. The jar is a dark colored one, abt 4" high. That wax is way more efficient than SH's - I've used it since I was in college, many, many years ago! Unlike the SH wax though, you need strips of cloth to press on the wax and rip the hair off.

Have fun!


Blue said...

Never Mind, I do agree that the wax cools way too easily. I had to re-microwave several times.

Bitterlemons, what exactly do you mean by "more efficient?" ^__^ I'd like to try Lakme, next time I need to wax. (I bet it's cheaper than SH, too!)

Anonymous said...

Try setting your tub of melted wax in a bowl of hot water next time. It slows down the cooling.
PS, Check and see if the beauty college in town still offers waxing. It's supposed to be pretty good and considerably cheaper than any of the salons in town.

~Miss Ginny

Anonymous said...

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