Monday, March 3, 2008

Blue's Anti-Product Placement: Secret Platinum "Vanilla Chai" Deodorant

While I was shopping for my leg wax, I also made a stop in the deodorant aisle. (Note to readers: this was not an "impulse buy;" I always shop with a list -- and who impulsively buys deodorant, anyway?)

Like I've done for the past year or so, I scanned the products -- and rescanned -- hoping to find my favorite brand, Crystal Clean. It wasn't there. It's never there. The internet says they're still selling it, but I haven't seen it in a supermarket for ages.

Then I saw something quite unexpected. To wit: deodorants "for ladies" generally come in two kinds of scents: floral and beach. Floral is self-explanatory; the beach deodorants, however, never smell like sand, or salt water, or fish, or anything like that. They smell like "Caribbean Cool," which isn't a recognizable scent at all, but at least it covers up the B.O.

Anyway. I'm getting off track. In the middle of all the "Sweet Pea" and "Ocean Breeze" and the occasional "Powder Fresh," I saw a deodorant that claimed it smelled like something fabulously different.


Yes, Secret just launched its "Vanilla Chai" line, and to its credit was presenting the scent in glittery, girly colors as opposed to, say, the blatant cultural travesty of Caress' "Exotic Body Wash." (OMG it smells like sandalwood!)

But seriously. Chai? As an underarm scent? Do people really want to raise their arms and be reminded of a hot beverage?

Since my mission is to "test-drive corporate multiculturalism so you don't have to," I bought a stick of chai deodorant and went home. Here is my (highly scientific) report:

Secret Platinum "Vanilla Chai" Deodorant is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike chai.

It doesn't smell a thing like genuine desi chai; it smells nothing like Lipton faux-chai; it doesn't even smell like the monstrosity that is Starbucks chai.

It smells, if it smells like anything, like the goo that comes out of a gas-station cappuccino machine; a gritty combination of sugar and vanilla with a little coffee thrown in. (How can a deodorant smell "gritty," you might ask? Trust me.) It's the only deodorant I've ever put on that makes me feel like I need to brush my teeth.

The smell lasts all day, which is... what it's supposed to do... but I can't say I'm a huge fan. I guess I'm stuck with it until the stick runs out.

Anyone else try this stuff?


Solitaire said...

Yikes!! Do you think anyone will want to use it after your description? Throw it away!!

Holly said...

I bought it because it said "Vanilla!" on it, not because of the "Chai" part.
I mean, the chai in the name made it sound cool,but once I took it home and smelled it I had completely forgotten about the second word.

I loved the scent because I love vanilla; when wearing while drinking my favorite vanilla cream soda, I realized the sent and the taste matched perfectly.

So, I was not disappointed by the lack of chai.
It still allowed me to sweat, but I did not smell bad at all until the next morning before I put it on again.

I was satisfied with this product, but agree that they should probably, like, change the name. Nothing involving chai here.

Katie said...

I agree. It smells nothing like chai. It's basically a floral smell but they just decided to call it "Vanilla Chai" for the heck of it. It works, but the smell is sickeningly sweet and so strong it's almost overpowering

Anonymous said...

Val said:
I LOVE this deodorant!!!!
The smell is light, lasts
all day, and night!
Now I can't find it anywhere, so if anyone knows anything, please HELP!! said...

Ditto to the last comment! Maybe deodorants spell different on different people (because it mixes with body chemistry). But on me the vanilla chai smelled like chocolate and I have had people comment and ask why I smell like chocolate. Secret has disconinued vanilla chai and I can't find it anywhere.

Candy said...

I too searched and searched for the Vanilla Chai, especially in the clear gel. After doing some research, Secret has discontinued the Platinum line and replaced it with Flawless. I finally found a scent I love and the rug gets pulled out. So, I've decided on Va Va Vanilla. Smells good but not as good as Vanilla Chai.

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