Thursday, March 27, 2008

What's In A Blog Name?

I've been thinking, lately, about the name of this blog.

When the blog began, it was a travelogue; the name "pretty blue salwar" came, in part, from an idea expressed in Madhur Jaffrey's Climbing the Mango Trees:

Kamal returned with suitcases full of fashionable gifts for all of us. I received a pair of pedal pushers and a black-and-white-striped T-shirt that practically became my uniform. She also presented me with a light tartan shawl and a sterling silver charm bracelet with the Eiffel Tower dangling from it. [...] I had yet to see the rest of the world, but, already armed with a pair of pedal pushers, the charm bracelet, and the Coke, I felt that phase of my life had to be just around the corner. (Jaffrey 237, 240)
I had yet to see the rest of the world, but, armed with a blue salwar I bought on eBay...

Now the name is no longer representative of the purpose of the blog. Not, perhaps, that the blog has a purpose. I still stand by my post-trip statement that I will continue blogging because "life is a continuous travelogue" (and, of course, because I enjoy blogging and enjoy meeting new people via blogging). But, even if my blog is about life-experienced-as-journey, it isn't, anymore, about a pretty blue salwar.

The other drawback of the blog's current name is that, every once in a while, it draws people who aren't aware of its original purpose and who see these random posts by a white woman in a salwar and then tell me what a horrible person I am for exotifying Indian clothing.

It seems at this point I have three options:

1. Keep the blog's name as it is; possibly put something on the "About Me" section explaining the title.

2. Change the name of the blog, but keep the "" URL.

3. Start an entirely new blog with a new name: Blue Ink, Bluewords, BlueBlog, Blue's Clues, etc.

The problem with the last option is that I would seem to lose all of the relationships I had built since I started blogging. At the least, I would lose my Technorati ranking (which isn't that big to begin with, but...). On the other hand, people who are currently following this blog could easily switch their bookmark or RSS to its new URL/feed. I wouldn't change my handle, and would continue to post on all of your blogs as Blue.

It would be... like moving to a new house, and sending round a forwarding address.

What do you think? Should I move away from the salwar association and start a new blog under a less contentious name? Or is the salwar still pretty enough to wear, even though I'm no longer a world traveler?


Director said...

First of all, I like the name.

Second of all, it IS possible to set a forwarding address where the visitors will automatically be forwarded to the new URL.

Third, I can count to three.

Abi said...

I have said this (or something like this) before, and I shall say it again. Here we go.

With blog posts that speak to and connect with its readers so beautifully, The Real You -- and not Blue -- should be getting all the credit; your blog should be helping you actively in your job search, and it deserves to be mentioned along with your name in all your articles that appear in print media from time to time.

But the problem with your current blog is that you have some stuff here that, I think, The Real You may not wish to stand by. Looking at it from this angle, the solution suggests itself.

Thus, my suggestion would be that you get yourself a new blog, and start blogging under your real name. Just leave this space, and leave no traces about where your new blog is. No one (except for the privileged few) needs to know the link between Blue and The Real You.

All the links, Technorati rank and other goodies will come back to you in no time at all.

Good luck!

Kirk Kittell said...

Don't worry about it, it's a nice name. Unless you're really uncomfortable writing under this name or linking it to who you are, I wouldn't budge from it. Perhaps you could include an "about me" section and link to a tag or post(s) that describe the title. I think that describing the shift in your perspective -- i.e., from the world-traveler to whatever you wish to write about -- would be an interesting bit of writing. Just because you're not currently a world-traveler doesn't mean it's not part of you as something you've done or desired to do -- it's all a part of personal evolution.

TheRealDesi said...

Well I'm going to disagree. Your name does reek of exoticism. Just start a new blog and write about your life.

Anonymous said...

Who died and left a bunch of parochial fundamentalists in charge of "Indian-ness"? By their logic, only Americans can study and write about the USA, only Europeans are entitled to speak for Europe and nobody can wear a sari or a salwar except for Indians. But I can see that you feel under attack even though you would probably never do something really "exoticizing" and trivializing like wearing a salwar or a sari to a Halloween party.

Anyway, do what you need to do in order to get on with your life but don't feel that you need to do anything just to oblige the cultural nationalists in the blogworld.


Blue said...

Thanks for all the comments!

First: no, I put much more thought into my Halloween costumes. Would never throw on a sari and go as "Indian princess." ^__^

As for the pseudonym vs. real name idea: it's interesting, when I think about the bloggers I know and read, to count how many of them blog under pseudonyms and how many use their actual names.

On my current blogroll, the majority of female bloggers use pseudonyms or first names only, while the majority of male bloggers use their own names.

I don't yet feel comfortable blogging under my own name, in part because I'm on the job market, and in part because of creepy stalker-types.

It seems like people who want to know me IRL or who want to contact me for publications, etc. have managed to do it well enough even without knowing my name beforehand. ^__^

Masale.Wallah said...

You're a brave soul, to have bought a salwaar on eBay !!

And that said, please don't change the name or URL of your blog on account of some fanatics from the self-righteousness it only if you feel it no longer reflects your blogging interests and motivations.

And you're right about not blogging under your real name. I mean, everyone googles everyone else these days and even if you're eternally vigilant on your new non-pseudonymous blog, some personal details will invariably creep into some of your posts, details that are best left offline. And more so, if you're already wary (rightly,I should add) of potential stalkers types. and are also job hunting...

Lastly, Pretty Blue Salwar is an awesome name. For what it's worth, it was what made me click and make my way here, from some other site's blogroll.

Here's to hoping that you'll choose to stick with it......

therealdesi said...

Self-righteous? Try historically grounded.

All your examples are false because last time I checked, Europe had never been colonized and racially opppressed. America has, and notice how sensitive most salt of the earth americans about europeans and their condescending view of our nation? It's not just Indians.

But to repeat- yes I think only Indians should speak for India. And only Africans for Africa, Vietnamese for Vietnam etc. We have had white people speaking for us and "interpreting" our culture as they see fit for the past 200 years. Blue is just tapping into a centuries old legacy of white women using "exotic" indian clothes and food to spice up their own dreary lives without acknowledging their inherent position of privilege and exploitation in the face of said culture.

Masale.Wallah said...

Really? More like stupendously ill-informed. Do spend some time reading up on the Ottoman Empire, to begin with, if you can pull yourself away from trolling aimlessly.

And I feel sorry for you. I truly do. I mean, how insecure can one get? Girl likes stuff, writes about it and you feel so threatened by it that you start considering yourself exploited and underprivileged! What an awful way to go through life!!

I'm afraid your neuroses seem to be symptomatic of some deep-rooted malaise, therealdesi, which won't be cured by ranting anonymously online. Blue's penchant for things desi should be the least of your worries...

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