Tuesday, April 1, 2008

So I Did My Taxes...

So I did my taxes.

I earned just over $7,000 in 2007.

And... um... lived on that.

It was interesting to find out that working full-time for four months at my temp job (three months in summer, one month after I got back from India) netted me $4,800. Had I kept that job year-round, I guess I would have made about $14,400. That's... depressing.

On the other hand, it would have essentially doubled my current salary (which, in addition to the temp job, includes my monthly graduate stipend). Considering my current lifestyle, I could have lived on $14,400 and managed to put money aside for savings. On $14,400, I could have had enough extra to buy a Wii. ^__^

On the plus side, I'm getting about $900 back from the government (not counting the "economic stimulus package"). That'll be just enough to pay my student fees for this semester.

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ctrlalteredmind said...

wow, you made way more than I did in my first full year as a grad student :) (compared to my measly $5800)

I seriously wonder how I got by on that. I guess I didn't have/need a car in Colorado, and lived with three other desis in a 2 bedroom apartment (thankfully, one that was waaaay better than the ones other desis lived in)... sigh, reminiscing grad student days is fun :)