Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We Just Figured Out Blue's Food

I can get so much mileage out of that post title. ^__^

My roommate, tired of her food getting "lost" behind, say, a gallon of milk and not being discovered again until it had started to smell, decided last night that we should separate out our food by shelf.

Our refrigerator looked pretty full to begin with; but as it turns out, 90% of the stuff in there is actually hers.

When I separated my food out onto its shelf, I discovered I had the following inventory:

1 jar peanut butter (store brand)
1 jar strawberry preserves (store brand)
1/2 loaf whole wheat bread (store brand)
Almost-empty squeezy jar of mustard (store brand)
1 jar lime-ginger pickle (Priya brand)
1 block sharp cheddar cheese (store brand)
1/2 block sharp cheddar cheese (it was a 2-for-1 sale)

Admittedly, in the freezer I have enough sabzi and gobi aloo to last another ten days, and a giant "family-size" bag of brussels sprouts which I portion out and eat along with my PBJ or cheese sandwiches.

I also have half a box of pancake mix sitting on top of the refrigerator, along with some instant oatmeal that I am not actually going to eat because I discovered too late that "sugar free" actually meant "coated in aspartame," and I can't stand the taste.

If the sabzi contains broccoli, potatoes, chickpeas, and green-and-yellow beans, and the gobi aloo contains... well, gobi and aloo... am I getting a balanced diet?


maya said...

Sounds yummy, and i'd think so... except for calcium--the broc has some but not enough. An ounce of cheddar here and there might do the trick. Of course, you understand that i'm no nutritionist :)

(Also missing: chocolate)

Ennis said...

If you have so little food, then your roomate's food was getting lost amongst itself, and she's just squeezed it into a smaller space, so she's going to lose food more often than before.

Blue said...

True, but I do not argue with roommate-logic at 12:30 a.m. ^__^

Agreed -- there should be more chocolate. My mom had sent me some Girl Scout Cookies, but we just finished them yesterday.