Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Please Read This Link

If you by any chance read this blog and do not also read SepiaMutiny (cough-cough-Daniel-cough-cough), please click here and read this post.

"Highlights" include:

At this moment, the officer pulled out his pepper spray and attacked Mr. Nag. As Mr. Nag screamed in agony, the officer removed his baton and violently struck Mr. Nag numerous times until he fell to the ground. While the assault ensued, the officer was reported by both Mr. and Mrs. Nag as saying, “You f****** Arab! You f***** immigrant, go back to you f****** country before I kill you!”

It's been asked that people link to this story on their blogs so that it does not pass unnoticed.

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Daniel said...

As much as I love my Indian friends, I don't have time to read *that* many blogs! I'm sorry!!!

That said...the only silver lining I can give to that story you linked to is that if there is any justice in the world, he's going to get a nice, fat settlement from whomever he sues.