Monday, April 30, 2007

Brief Check-In

Hi, all... just a brief check-in to reassure y'all I'm still here... it's an interesting time in the academic year and things are winding down and winding up simultaneously.

In the absence of anything much on my end, I direct you to I Can Has Cheezburger. Because nothing makes your day like a Lolcat.

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Daniel said...

Hey! I'm not dead; I promise...I'm just friggin busy....because, while you may be done w/ classes, I'm nowhere near done w/ my graduate work. You see, we in science don't get breaks. We don't get summer vacation, and we don't get to be done with school once our classes are done. :(

It's all worth it, though, as lab's going fabulously, and I'm enjoying myself mucho, even if I do work 11 hours a day on average.

I haven't read all of your posts of late, but I do agree that after college, we graduate with no real skills. It makes me sad, but I'm glad to know that now, after a few years of grad school, I really and truly feel like I have some sort of skills that are somewhat useful in the real world (whatever real world scientists can live in).

Lalala...I hope you're doing a-okay!

Oh, and I love the new header--you look so cute (at least from the back)!