Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why I Love Libraries

I was in the library today (in fact, still am... typing from a computer lab) looking up a few things.

Anyway. While I was wandering through the stacks, my eyes just happened to fall upon a volume of L. M. Montgomery's journals.

I didn't even know she kept journals. I had no idea they were published. And I certainly had no idea that they would be in this section of the library that I was just, quite literally, passing through.

Anyway. A quick peek into the book has revealed that her journal-writing is just as lively and detailed and quirky as her famous, famous novels. This will be fun to read. I want to sit down with a cup of tea and the kitty and read the entire thing straight through.

Unfortunately, it will have to wait until I finish reading everything that has ever been written on Harold Pinter's Dumb Waiter. The degree comes first, after all.


Anonymous said...


Can you find out when this version of LMM's journals was published? Like I mentioned before, I collect Girls' fiction, and used to belong to forum that discussed Girls' fiction extensively - stopped now for lack of time, but I remember something about LMM's journals being published recently - her estate just gave out permission or something - this was post 2000, if my memory serves me.

Bitterlemons, the curious.

Blue said...

Sure, Bitterlemons. The publisher's note inside the book states that the journals were in the possession of Montgomery's son, Dr. E. Stuart Macdonald, and that Macdonald wished to "shelter them from scrutiny" until after his death (was he the last surviving member of the family, do you suppose?). Thus they were not printed until 1992.

ISBN is 0-19-540503-X if you want to find your own copy.