Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Things You Should Never, Ever Eat

For reasons too complicated to explain right now, I haven't yet had the kitchen-restocking spree I so desperately need. (Though help is on the way. On the "slowed down by fracking Fed-Ex way," but on the way nonetheless.)

Anyway. In my ongoing search for the cheapest forms of ____ available (today it was food) I found myself eating a Taco Bell "Seven-Layer Crunchwrap."

I chose it because it contained no meat.

Imagine, if you will, a pile of vegetarian nachos. Maybe they contain some sour cream, some guacamole, some salsa, some refried beans, and at least three other unidentifiable "layers."

Then imagine someone deep-frying that pile of nachos into a soft tortilla shell.

Then imagine eating it.

It is possibly the most disgusting thing I have ever encountered. Even more disgusting than Grindhouse.

On the plus side, there must be enough calories involved in the process to... um... aid in keeping my pants from hanging off of my pretty, pretty (shrinking) kundi. ^__^ (When I had the privilege of meeting Tappan Wilder this afternoon, I had to keep reaching behind me to pull up my ever-sinking waistband.)

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Maurice said...

Egads, the things at Taco Bell lately have been horrible. It used to be possible to head to the Taco Bell in Suburban Station for lunch when I needed something without gosht and be happy, but the other day I dashed in between trains back home and the food was just gross.

Eh, I shiver just thinking about that meal.