Thursday, February 8, 2007

All of India Are Belong to USPS

So I've got this letter that needs to be sent to the people at Hyderabad. A rather important one. It's due by Feb. 14.

I mailed it on Feb. 2, using the Super Express Priority Mail which promised to get it to Hyderabad in 3-5 business days. I got a tracking number, so I could follow the status of my letter at the USPS website.

During the first two days, I got near-hourly status reports: the letter has been processed, the letter has been postmarked, the letter is on a truck, the letter has arrived at the airport, the letter is on a plane heading out of Chicago. I even got the flight number.

Then four days of nothing.

Then, today, another update: The letter has arrived in India. That's all.

I want to write another letter:

Dear USPS:

If you can tell me what flight my letter's on, why can't you tell me in which part of India it arrived? Surely the mail scanners in India register city and state as well as the scanners in the US. Just telling me it's "in India" isn't much help, as India is very large. 'k, thx.

On a more cheerful note, I've gotten some good advice about the lime pickle and have now adopted the "stick the tines of the fork into the lime pickle, then scoop up the saag paneer" method. It's much better this way.

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