Friday, February 23, 2007

Rose Vacuums The Theatre

Our building's two maintenance staff, Rose and Dan, are just thrilled that we are staging Nickel and Dimed. The first thing Dan said to me when he heard that we had selected the play was "finally we get to see people like us on stage!"

They have come into rehearsals, and every time I see either of them they ask me how the play is going.

Today, as rehearsal was ending, Rose came into the theatre.

"Do you mind if I vacuum? I don't want to disturb you. I just want to make sure it looks nice in here."

This theatre has probably not been vacuumed for five years. It had not been vacuumed once since I began graduate school. We (the students) were told that it was our responsibility to keep the place clean, not the maintenance staff's. Thus, there were a lot of crumbs and old screws and things... well, everywhere.

The stage managers and I immediately began clearing all the trash and chairs and tables out of the theatre, so that Rose wouldn't have to lift and move and throw away things herself. And Rose vacuumed.

This in itself is a testament to the power of the arts.


Vi said...

That's sweet! Be sure to let us know how the play goes :)

Ennis said...

Blue - where is the play going up?

Blue said...

Vi -- thanks! Rose and Dan are just incredible people. When I directed last semester, I bought tickets for the maintenance staff and their families to get in... and found a dozen red roses waiting for me on opening night.

Ennis -- I've sent you an email with the info.