Thursday, February 15, 2007

Blue's To-Do List

Here's my to-do list for this weekend (yes, I know, it's only Thursday, but might as well get started):

Contact actors for A Doll House directing scene. (DONE!)
Photocopy the directing scene. (DONE!)
Schedule and rehearse the directing scene. (DONE!)
Schedule and rehearse Lu Ann Hampton Laverty Oberlander scene. (DONE!)
Contact Geek Spot people to ask why my new computer no longer reads my printer, and why my printer says it can't connect to Windows 2000 when my OS is actually Windows XP. (FIXED IT MYSELF!)
Print movement assignment. (DONE!)
Write movement journals. (DONE!)
Re-contact landlord about getting someone to fix the washing machine. (DONE!)
Laundromat party! (AND IT WAS JUST A BALL OF FUN, TOO!)
Read students' ten-minute plays. (DONE!)
Prepare 240 assignments for next week. (DONE!)
Attend paper tech for Nickel and Dimed. (DONE!)
Lead Nickel and Dimed rehearsal. (DONE -- and the combined tech/rehearsal took ten straight hours today!)
Cook. Always, always cook. ^__^ (ALWAYS, ALWAYS DID!)


Hyderabadiz said...

Thanks for signing up and we value your support in this call to Hyderabadi Bloggers.
We are trying our best to gather as much as possbile (I mean the sound and the fury, show and tell, look and feel of our true colors).
Push, pull or do whatever to bring more people join the event of uniting Hyderabadi Bloggers.
Best, MT and the Team of Hyderabadiz

Blue said...

Hyderabadiz -- thanks and rock on!

Vi said...

A Doll's House is one my favorite plays, Nickel and Dimed is on my list next to read (part of my writing class). :)

Blue said...

Vi -- Thanks! It's funny how so many bloggers are literary... how every blog I read (and like) seems to be written by a well-read individual... suppose it shouldn't be too much of a surprise, considering that blogs are like little books of their own... little epistolary novels!