Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Wet Hyderabadi Pixie

Someone help me out here. There was an article... somewhere... where someone wrote that India was getting a sudden, strange deluge of rain. And it's not monsoon season.

All I know is that my local weather pixie is packed in three feet of snow and my Hyderabadi weather pixie has been continually rained on since I installed her.

Is it an inconvenient truth? Or something else?

(EDIT: After scouring the Weather Pixie website, I'm not sure that's actually rain. It might be Weather Pixie's designation for "airborne particles." Um... not sure I want to know what those are.)

1 comment:

Anat said...

not much of rain here in Hyderabad right now. a lot of sun, hot temperatures... somewhere in the next month it shall become a bit humid. july- August-Sept-Oct it shall be very very rainy. heavy rains at night and perpetual drizzle in the mornings