Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Your #1 Resource for BBC Ballet Shoes Movie Information!

Hi, team!

I know there have been lots of hits to this blog lately because of the Ballet Shoes posts.

(To read all of the Ballet Shoes posts, please click on the "ballet shoes" tag at the end of this post.)

Drop a comment or two, why dontcha? ^__^ It would make me very happy, and we could argue back and forth about why the trailer has Pauline saying "no, I need to be an actress" (another case of Emma Watson taking lines that belong to other characters?).

I promise to remain your faithful Ballet Shoes news aggregator!

*Pretty Blue Salwar is not necessarily the "#1 Source" for Ballet Shoes information. According to Google rankings, she's actually #3. But that's still pretty cool.

The other two sites, btw, are The Fossil Cupboard and Emma Watson's website.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll bite.
That trailer makes me wish I lived in England again--though no-one I knew there spoke with that RP accent...
My Christmas wish: A film version of White Boots.