Thursday, December 20, 2007

Done with Doxy!

This past Sunday marked an epoch in my India-travel-adventures.

Sunday was the four-week anniversary of my arrival back in the US.

More importantly, it was "the last day I had to take that damn doxycycline!"

Yep, I'm finally free from the possibility of contracting malaria. I'm also free of the perpetual stomach-lining-burning that came every time I took the doxy, for nearly four months straight.

It doesn't seem like only four weeks since Hyderabad. It seems like years and years. It seems like it's been as long as it took man to evolve from dinosaurs.

But, then again, I've returned to my former state of penury and winter darkness, and every day seems that long.

Cheer up, emo Blue. Spring will come soon.

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