Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year 2008: The Dreaded "Clips Show" Blog Post!

Since everyone else is overviewing 2007, and making "Top Ten" lists and things like that, I thought I would present an overview of the... um... "Top Ten Most Awesome Things That Happened On This Blog In The Past Year."

Let's see.

Blue goes to Hyderabad and directs a student-written Telugu adaptation of Shakespeare's Tempest. In this adaptation, Prospero acknowledges his mistake and cedes the island to Caliban. This rocks.

Blue goes to Amritsar and experiences "a sense of connection."

Blue goes to Bangalore and lives it up with some blogging friends.

Blue goes to Delhi and gets completely pwned.

Blue discovers SRK.

Blue learns how to coach her students... by copying SRK.

Blue falls in love (but not with SRK) and writes love poetry.

Blue makes a huge mistake involving t-shirts. Then... other things happen.

Blue becomes "the #1 resource for BBC Ballet Shoes on the internet!" (I'm still getting Ballet Shoes-related site traffic.)

Blue cooks. Repeatedly.

Did I miss anything?

Oh, and I'm turning this into a meme. Tagged are: Abi (even though I know you don't do memes), Ctrlalteredmind, Sirensongs, Manish, and SepiaMutiny. Yes, SepiaMutiny. I dare you.

Editor's Note: SepiaMutiny actually
did the meme, although... unfortunately... I don't think Blue can claim the credit.


maverick said...

@blue...nice post...have a great new yr ahead of u..rock on..keep posting :)

ctrlalteredmind said...


Great post by the way, captures your blog impeccably :)

ctrlalteredmind said...

ctrlalteredmind said...

lol, i was surprised to learn the term 'crotch rocket' (slang for superbikes and sportbikes) myself. catchy, isn't it :)