Sunday, December 23, 2007

BBC Ballet Shoes: The "Did You Know We're Making A Movie Starring Emma Watson?" Trailer

BBC's released a new trailer; this one's entirely Emma-centered. I suppose fame sells.

I've decided I'm really going to like this movie after all. It's giving every indication that it will be a faithful adaptation.

A few nitpicks:

Are fossils stone, bone, or both? I guess I really don't know. But when Gum called his fossils "stones," it seemed to hit a little wrong.

The quote is "You're nothing but a pack of cards." I don't know why they changed it.

But... love the trailer, love Winifred (I hope we get to see her play Alice), love the fact that the BBC just confirmed that Drs. Smith and Jakes will be played as (lesbian) lovers. 'Cause every time I read the book after I was, say, twelve, I wondered. Y'know?

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TDH said...


It is somewhat of a trend these days to make movies about gays and lesbians! Kind of funny you know, how times change.