Monday, December 17, 2007

The Aerogarden: WANT

Yes, I know.

At $150, too expensive by half.

And I'm also anti-consumerism.


What is it? An Aerogarden. An indoor herb garden. There are pretty, pretty pictures over at The Machinist. But beware -- you might end up wanting one too.


HM said...

I saw the add for it in "Bed, Bath & Beyond" flyer. But decided against it when I saw the price! I have my own indoor garden for less than 1/10 the price. Mostly curry leaf plants & green chilly in winter, but come summer, my backyard garden grows with all sorts of Indian vegetables :)

HM said...

I mean, "Ad" as in Advertisement :)

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, I salivate over that thing every time I see it. You should see if they have any little herb greenhouses or terrariums around-- much cheaper. Unless you would like one for Christmas?

~Miss Ginny

Blue said...

You're both right. If I want to grow herbs, there are plenty of cheaper ways to do it. ^__^

But I had a terrarium in sixth grade science, and killed everything that was in it.

The real allure of the Aerogarden is that it maintains itself. All I have to do is plug it in and wait two weeks. ^__^

ctrlalteredmind said...

i had to convince the girlfriend against this one - while it looks pretty and inviting, the sad facts (to me) are the constant need to be plugged in, and the razor-blade-like marketing of expensive bulbs ($20 for each pack IIRC).

Aerogrow said...

Aerogarden is so tempting, especially when it provides uv light plants needed so. Despite you live in a cave-like apartment, still with aerogarden you can do gardening in your own room or even next to your bed :)
And, no more dirt to enjoy your green plants growing healthily ...