Tuesday, March 27, 2007

आलू का करही

Tonight I made आलू का करही, which should read "aloo ka karhi," which seems to be the way of saying "karhi with potatoes thrown into it."

It was an inspiration because I knew I had to use up the potatoes in my crisper before I forgot they were there and they turned rotten. (I had bought the potatoes to make the गोबी का सौप, and so now I had to find something to do with them.)

To combat the intense carbohydrate overload of a dish containing both potatoes and rice, I added a huge pinch of garam masala, because I had read somewhere on the internet that eating cinnamon alongside carbohydrates helps the body process them without turning them into whatever it is about carbohydrates that is bad for you.

But straight-up cinnamon seemed like it would turn the karhi too sweet, like the Gujarati karhi I made a month ago, so I put in garam masala instead... along with a pinch of ginger, because I thought it would make sense.

I haven't had a chance to really test this dish yet, because I didn't make it for tonight's dinner (which was the last of the spinach-chickpeas-tomatoes thing) and it's actually for tomorrow's lunch and dinner, as well as Thursday's -- I've got the little containers all lined up in my refrigerator.

But it smells fantastic. The pungency of the garam masala against the chilies is absolutely intoxicating.

One side note -- the potatoes had to be stirred almost constantly, as they were in perpetual danger of sticking to the bottom of the pan and burning. I don't remember this happening when I've boiled potatoes to mash; is it because they were cooking in a yogurt sauce instead of in water? Maybe it's a density thing, because potatoes in water seem to float and potatoes in yogurt definitely sink.

Just letting y'all know, in case you want to try to cook this yourself. ^__^

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ctrlalteredmind said...

I suppose that would be "aloo ki karhi" (karhi being stri-ling)