Saturday, March 24, 2007

What Really Happens on "Girls' Night"

A dear friend (and reader of this blog) came into town yesterday, as it was her university's turn to be on spring break. (And that's what people do when they're on break -- they come visit me.)

In addition to the usual 'round-the-town adventures (imagine a group of young, upwardly-mobile women driving home from a classy lunch when one of them -- me -- screams "LOOK! That sign says you can get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny for 47 cents!" and suddenly we turn the car around and all pile out), my friend asked me to cook for her, since she had been reading the accounts of my cooking experiments on the blog and said they always made her salivate.

I said that if we were going to take the time to cook Indian food, we had to watch a Bollywood film while we were at it.

She, never having experienced Bollywood, said "ooohhhh... sure!"

I made dal, and rice, and there was naan and lime pickle and the spinach-chickpea-tomato thing from the other day (which was still the hit of the evening), and we watched Bollywood.

Now here's the question. Which Bollywood film did I show my friends?

Here are a few clues.

1. Of course it's a SRK vehicle. (Although my friends did not find him attractive, and much preferred the other male lead.)
2. It's not one of the ones that is perpetually rented, as I had to snag it from Namaste Grocery at the last minute.
3. The friend who came in from out of town loved it (after the first dance number she said "this is the most AMAZING thing I've ever seen in a movie"), and we sat together on the couch and gripped each other's hands during all the melodramatic-emotional parts. Another friend got tired of it and kept asking "Isn't he _____ yet?" (I'd fill in the blank for you, but then it would be too obvious.)


John said...

Hal Ho Na Ho? "Isn't he dead yet?"

sbkt said...

ye sahi me asaaan tha :-D .

Blue said...

John -- yep. ^__^ Free prizes! (Okay, don't have any prizes. Sorry.)

SBKT -- um... oh, dear. Will have to pull out the online translator.

sbkt said...

"SBKT -- um... oh, dear. Will have to pull out the online translator."

Oops, sorry! I meant
"This was really easy."
Just the past tense for what you wrote in devanagri "yah asaan hai".

Blue said...

Now, really. ^__^ It could have been "Isn't he reunited with his family/college sweetheart yet?"

Or "Isn't he done murdering people yet?"

Or "Isn't he going to reveal that he was actually that other guy yet?"