Sunday, March 18, 2007

Testing Blogger's Hindi Patch

क्या यह मूर्ति है?
यह मूर्ति नही है। पत्थर है।

If it's not a statue, but it is a stone, then I've figured out how to do this.

Is the Devanagari correct?


samurai said...

Nice blog for the upcoming trip. What are you going to Hyd for - some studies at UH?

Anyways, there was another american girl who lived in Hyd for a few months and blogged her exp here. You might want to contact her to get a better idea.

Good luck. I will be in Hyd whole of next month and I am so excited :)

Daniel said...

All I see is question marks. Maybe my computer needs some extra font or something. I've never tried to type in Hindi...

Deepak said...
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Deepak said...

It reads:

"Kya yah moorti hai?
Yah moorti nahin hai. Paththar hai."

"Is this a statue?
This is not a statue. It's stone."

The Devanagiri has come out well, Blue.

Masale.Wallah said...

I can read it and I'm on Opera, not the most supported browsers out there, so you should be fine.