Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Before video games were all about wrecking cars and killing prostitutes; before they were giant advertisements for the War-In-Iraq; before they ever featured someone ripping out another person's spine... they were about little square-shaped men jumping down pipes and eating mushrooms.

And little blob-shaped things blowing bubbles.

And little square-shaped things with swords collecting Orbs.

On this site, you can play them all (for free, legally, without downloads -- it's a real-time Java setup). All the Nintendo games you can remember, plus all the ones you never heard of (Alfred Chicken? Baby Boomer? The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?)

Make sure to play Barbie, a "girl"-themed game in which our eponymous heroine has to avoid getting hit by tennis balls. Poor Barbie.

Or Family Feud, if you can remember what the survey would have said... in 1990.

Or Orb 3D, because IT'S IN 3D!!!

(Have you figured out yet that you can click on the links to go straight to the games?)

My favorite new discovery is Flipull - An Exciting Cube Game. (Mom, you will become addicted to this one.) Although the title seems to beg for irony, it really is a rather exciting -- or at least captivating -- cube game.

Anyway. I'd write more, but... would rather play magic box of games. Come join me!


Anonymous said...

I can't figure out how to get them to work. Anytime I move an arrow key it moves the screen up and down. MOM

Daniel said...

omg I'm in love

You realize, though, that you've now taken away any chance that I ever had of not being addicted to my computer.

Blue said...

Ha ha, I aim to please. ^__^