Monday, June 18, 2007

Pretty Spinach Dish!

S. often teases me about the lack of edible food in my refrigerator (to which I perpetually refer him to the abundance of pulses and grains in my "Indian food cupboard").

He's also been eating rather poorly as of late, due mostly to an erratic work schedule.

So -- to prepare for his arrival and for the afternoon he would spend telecommuting in my apartment while I temped in someone else's cube -- I cooked up a very nutritious, tonic-like mixture of spinach and tomatoes and chickpeas and cheese, which I first invented in March.

Below is the picture. Doesn't it look delightful?

(Editor's note: S. never did eat it. He worked so hard that he forgot about lunch, poor thing. Then we went out to dinner and had tapas. The spinach dish was put into Tupperwares and is now serving as quite excellent cubefood.)

1 comment:

Daniel said...

looks yummy...maybe a royal blue plate? Otherwise, I'd go with red, I think.