Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Book meme! Book meme!

I got tagged by Niranjana at Brown Paper to participate in the following meme:

Grab the book that is nearest to you (no cheating), turn to page 161,
post the text of the fifth full sentence on the page, post the rules and tag three people.
Well, if you've been paying attention, you should have a pretty good guess of which book is closest to me right now.

That's right, it's In the Skin of a Lion, Michael Ondaatje's prequel to The English Patient. Which I should have read first, but I didn't know it existed at the time.

(Random question -- for those of you who've read Ondaatje, how many read before English Patient before Skin of a Lion? My guess is that most people read English Patient first.)

Anyway. And on page 161, fifth sentence down...

Oh, blast. There aren't any sentences on page 161. It's the beginning of a new section of the book: a blank page with a single word, "Remorse."

Well, that's no fun. Niranjana had a similar problem. I'll follow her precedent and choose the book that is next closest to me.

That would be everyone's favorite cookbook/memoir, Madhur Jaffrey's Climbing the Mango Trees. I've posted about this book before.

Page 161, fifth sentence...

My admiration for her knew no bounds.

I agree. My admiration for Ms. Jaffrey (and her delicious recipes) knows no bounds. ^__^

Now I will tag...

Sashi at Buoyantville,
Abi at Nanopolitan (Abi, do you do memes? If you don't want to sully your blog, please tell me what you're reading in the comments, because I'm curious. ^__^),
and Gaurav's new friend.

Bitterlemons, I don't believe you have a blog but I think you should play too. Just drop it in the comments. ^__^


Daniel said...

The static conductivity ~sigma~ is therefore given by ~sigma~={(Ne^2)/m]*~tau~.

From "Introduction to Modern Optics" by Grant R. Fowles, 2nd edition.

Anonymous said...


I'm honored to be included in your meme! I'm at work, no books here except my notebook, which is mostly blank! (moved offices, new cube, everything is clean!) - will do this at home tonight.


Abi said...

I do do blog memes, but grudgingly! Since this is a simple meme, I did it. However, my own (generally negative) reaction towards memes prevents me from passing it along. I hope you don't mind ...