Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shorty #2: Time

S. left some of his books behind at my apartment after his last visit; I've been curling up with them (in absence of curling up with him, obviously).

And thus it was that I read A Sideways Look at Time, by Jay Griffiths.

S. told me it was pretty repetitive, and it was; certainly the perpetual thesis can be summed up as "we are overworked, and it's the fault of the person who first decided to create hours and minutes."

However, it makes an interesting comment about male time vs. female time and male work vs. female work. In short ('cause I'm keepin' it short, y'all): male time is linear while female time is cyclic, and male work progresses towards a destination while female work is comprised of repetitive tasks (cooking, cleaning, washing, etc.).

Griffiths goes on to say that when women find themselves in male working environments (i.e. offices), working under male time, their psyches suffer; however, it is patently and overwhelmingly clear that most office work is as cyclic as laundry. The work I do gets done and redone every day; I know exactly how my day will unfold before I arrive, and (unlike cooking) there's no possibility for variation. Thus Griffiths' argument that women become depressed doing office work because it is linear and not cyclic holds no water.

Coincidentally, nearly all of my current colleagues are women. All of us, repetitively drudging in cubes to "free" us from the repetitive drudgery of housework.

Griffiths, why did you never comment on this?

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