Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Blue Sends Linklove

I haven't been commenting much on other people's blogs lately, but I have been reading them. I do read nearly everything that passes through my Google Reader, so I just wanted you all to know that I have learned, in the past few days, about StumbleUpon; superstar JEE test-takers getting endorsement packages; other Bollyfans who love SRK as much as I do (and who have the pictures to prove it!); why a certain person hasn't been writing for a while; whether or not men are interested in "inner" or "outer" beauty; and, if they are interested, how they blow it by saying stupid things on dates.

I've also had the opportunity to google Reddy Rao. I didn't know who he was before, or that the name even existed, and I really wanted to get this joke. ^__^


neha vish said...

Here's another one for you -

Gulty by association.
(And yes, that first word is deliberately mashed up.)


Blue said...

Spent all day trying to think of something to top that, but the best I could come up with was "Bachchan a wedding present."

And that's pretty bad. Perhaps I should stick to what I know and make Bush jokes. ^__^

neha vish said...

You DO know that we can never have enough Bush jokes no? Like a brain in hand is worth two in the Bush.