Sunday, June 3, 2007

Mmmmm.... aubergine?

Dear S.,

I think I broke your eggplant.

I am very sorry.

Below you can see the results of my trying to cook the eggplant S. gave me when he last visited. I don't think I cooked it very well. It tasted very mushy and very bland and a little sour. Perhaps I waited too long to cook it; but the flesh was still firm, and it didn't seem squishy or rotten.

Strangely, it tasted fine when mixed with the hummus and eaten on top of a (whole grain, organic) tortilla chip. Didn't try mixing it against the cheese.

What did I do wrong? I popped the mustard seed and cumin, added the onion, added the eggplant and some water, covered it and let it simmer until the water was gone, added a bit of milk and garam masala, let it cook for a few more moments...

Hmmm. On the other hand, the apples were lovely, and S. gave me those as well. ^__^


Daniel said...

I would have chosen a purple or blue plate to compliment the yellows of the food.


And...the only way I know how to make an eggplant is to cut it, fry it, and put it in an eggplant parmesan. Sorry I can't be of help!

Blue said...

Yeah, I was going with the whole "eggplant skin is purple, purple and yellow are complimentary colors" thing. Ah, well. ^__^

Daniel said...

Yes, but... well... the inside of the eggplant isn't purple--and that's what you see on the plate.


Anonymous said...


Eggplant needs more than just salt/ doesn't have much flavour of its own. Also, it's usually better to add garam masala before adding water.