Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More Musings on MouseRaj

(I hope I am the first person to call it MouseRaj. ^__^)

The first Indian Disney Princess will be named Maya. I'd lay money on this. Possibly Lila, but more likely Maya.

Someone will have to explain to the Disney execs why creating a cartoon Ganesh to serve as Princess Maya's sidekick... is a really bad idea. ("But think of the marketing possibilities! He's cute and cuddly, and we can sell his mouse separately!")

And continuing the Disneyfied conversation between Arjuna and Karna:

Karna: Oh, no! I can't remember my mantra!

Arjuna: It's okay, Karna. Everyone makes mistakes. In fact, I made a mistake when I refused to fight you that day in the palace. I should have known that a prince isn't defined by where he is born or raised, but by what's in his heart.

Cue Alan Menken song: Our Hearts Make Us Brothers or some crap like that. With tabla.

Have I crossed the line? ^__^


Anonymous said...


I'll have you know that I just choked on a mouthful of tea, reading this! So, So, apt :-) Have you contacted Disney about a position as writing advisor or some such?


Blue said...

Why; do you know how to break into the Disney enclave?

Glad you liked the post. I'm going to keep blogging this because it has so much potential. ^__^

Anonymous said...

Me, I'm just another code-hack. No contacts to anyone, anywhere...

But yes, please do write more on the Mouseraj - love the name BTW! The thing is, I have a very love-hate relationship with Disney...I love some of their animated movies (Aristocats, Lady and the Tramp), hate others, and in general am very ambivalent about their take on various cultures...unfortunately, their view often turns into the defining view, which makes me feel they really should make it more nuanced/balanced - but then which company does anything because it *should*?


Thambi said...

This is really offensive. Even Disney is more culturally sensitive than you are; they know to only insult the groups that are unable to defend themselves. You make no such choices.