Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pretty Blue's Diary: 2008 Edition

Tuesday 1 January

118 lbs (dear heavens), chocolate units 2 (emptied the Christmas Godiva box), calories 700 (approx. -- peas are one of those dangerous high caloric vegetables, I believe).

Food Consumed Today:

1 cup coffee
Three-egg omelette w/4 oz. frozen peas, ground chilis
One mint-filled chocolate
One coconut-filled chocolate

Two p.m. Snowed in: my flat. Ugh. The last thing on earth I feel physically, mentally, or emotionally equipped to do is to spend another day indoors with my cat. First day of New Year has been day of boredom. Already scoured countertops, using combination of cleaning agents found underneath the sink (do cleaning agents expire? must check...), this time actually scrubbing at stove burners, etc. instead of giving general once-over swipe for removal of crumbs and appearance of cleanliness.

Wish dratted snow would stop. Can see car from window, or rather outline of car as if car were car-shaped snowman. Snow has also downed telly reception, ensuring limit of channels to one fuzzy sports game of something-or-another.

What I wouldn't give to be at a turkey curry buffet right now.


Daniel said...

PLEASE tell me you're eating more than 700 calories a day. That's NOTHING! Eat!

Yay Indian food...mmmmmm

Blue said...

No, that's just what I had for brunch.


maverick said...

ha ha ha..peas are one of the most favored vegetables in winters in india :)

happy new yr :)

Daniel said...

oh thank goodness! Sigh... I love food!