Monday, May 21, 2007

An Answer About the Visa

To everyone who responded, either in the comments or by emailing me (prettybluesalwar at hotmail dot com, obviously ^__^), to my visa question yesterday: thank you.

I didn't know they actually stamped the visa into the passport. I guess I thought they gave it to you separately. Perhaps in the form of a small card. And that, perhaps, this kind of "small card visa" was the inspiration for the credit card of the same name.

I have an overactive imagination.

I will have to do the mail thing, because I don't live quite close enough to the consulate to justify the trip (and because I don't get any kind of paid time off at my temp job, not for another twenty-two weeks). So... certified mail it is.

And -- if you want to see something that will make you smile -- I urge you to click here and visit the official homepage of the Chicago Indian Consulate. It's got animated GIFs. I had forgotten how cool those were. ^__^

(Yeah, go ahead and watch the H*R clip at "how cool" too. ^__^)


sashi said...

That webpage should be an embarrassment for a country that projects itself as the IT back office for the world. But then we are like this only.

Beth said...

I too thought I'd get a separate visa document - that's what I'd had when I lived in Canada - or that it would just be on file somewhere and I'd never see it - like when you go to Australia. But no, you get a shiny, colorful piece of paper stuck into a page of your passport forever! It's really cool.

Check out the government of India's Directorate of Film Festivals It makes me dizzy.

ctrlalteredmind said...

oh dear God! noooo! that page hurt my eyes! I thought the San Francisco consulate had a bad website, but that might be the best of the lot!

Check out this website someone 'designed' for the University of Mumbai, circa 2004. Grotesque. That guy needs to be hunted down and whacked with a stick.

Blue said...

Yeah... the little rippling flags are great, aren't they? Kind of reminds me of my homepage... back when people had homepages... you know, in 1995.

Thanks to y'all for sharing the other sites.

(And Sashi... IT means they're programmers, not designers. So...they can make the flag ripple but they have no idea why it's wrong. ^__^)