Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pretty Fictitious Film!

After S. and I discussed who our "favorite" (read: "people we think are hot") actors are in Holly- and Bollywood, I began to wonder what might transpire if they all ended up in a film together.

So, with the magic of image editing, I created the promo poster.

However, it looks much less "Hollywood" (or Bollywood, for that matter), and much more like a Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation.

Ah, well.

And here it is:

The tagline (if it would fit onto the image without making it incredibly busy) would read:

Three travelers.
Three sexy accents.
Three different prices to get in.
One love story.

Shripriya, wanna direct? ^__^


Beth said...

I would totally watch that!

Miss Bolly said...

Seconded! That is my kind of film!

Blue said...

The real question is... can Colin Firth dance? Because there would have to be some number where he gets up and shakes it next to SRK. ^__^

Unless, of course, we just have the two boys fight each other in a fountain. We know Colin can handle that. *__^

tinkertoon said...

such movies have a history of not doing well... but if you send me a free copy, i'm game!

Shripriya said...

Colin Firth? Heck yeah, I'd direct it! :)

Blue said...

Tinkertoon -- perhaps, but with this all-star cast... ^__^

Shripriya -- I'll write the script and you call his agent. *__^

ZenDenizen said...

You really think SRK has a sexy accent? :)

Blue said...

Aw, heck. Despite the fact that SRK is hammish, thick (remember the interview on the special features for KKHH?), does the same arm-fling-thing in every movie, perpetually plays the same friggin' character ("I'm going to take you under my sexy, sexy wing and show you a good time, Simran/Tina/Anjali/Anjali again/Naina/Maya/Priya/Lachchi/another Priya/and Megha, before she kills herself"), and is more attracted to K-Jo than to me...

I can't stop watching. ^__^