Thursday, May 31, 2007

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Calories

Today, when I was loading my dinner up onto my pretty, pretty Fiestaware and admiring the way the orange-browns of the potato-and-coconut-stew coordinated against the blue plate (yes, I have multicolored Fiestaware and yes, I choose my dishes based on which will best bring out the color of the food), I suddenly realized I had a digital camera and that the batteries were, for once, reasonably charged.

From now on, when I blog about a cooking experiment, I'll include a picture. And then you all can rate it: yeah, it looks pretty good or um... what's that supposed to be again?

Tonight's dinner was a potato-and-coconut stew, from Chandra Padmanabhan's Southern Spice, featured alongside yogurt, mango pickle, and some really bad naan.

What do you think? Aside from the grease spot on the naan (should have airbrushed that one out), does it look palatable?

It certainly tasted good, although I'm guessing I put in too much haldi because when I was done eating it, my right-hand fingers were stained yellow.

But only up through the first digit. ^__^


Daniel said...

yay fiestaware! Dja ever watch the pbs show: antiques roadshow? On there, they had ppl who collected fiestaware, and it was SO much fun to see all the colors and old styles and stuff they had......

what a fun thing it must be to have fiestaware...

tinkertoon said...

how 'bout a biryani recipe with the pic?
and a pic too of folks after they eat the stuff you cook :)

pictures, as is the cliche, speak louder, right? ;)

btw, isn't the "stew" aloo-tamatar, with coconut sprinkling?

Anonymous said...

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