Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Back from Travels

As you may have guessed by the post below, I'm back from my NYC trip.

Seem to have got a lot of traffic in the past few days. A lot... of traffic.

But no hate.

This is good.

Tomorrow: posts on Central Park, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and my discovery that all of Broadway is being kept afloat by memory and nostalgia.

I mean, come on... would anyone go see Legally Blonde (the musical) if it hadn't been a popular movie that, more than five years ago, they once liked? And would anyone buy tickets to the captivating but oh-so-dated Company if they hadn't once been awkward teenagers singing to the original cast album, dreaming of the magic of theatre while trying to fit all the words of "Another Hundred People" into a single breath?

I could keep going... but will have to save it for tomorrow.

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