Saturday, May 12, 2007

When An Ogre and A Princess Ogre Love Each Other Very Much...

Since I've just written a post on sexual overtones in children's films:

The marketing for Shrek the Third is out in full force, as I noticed when I was grocery shopping this evening.

Unfortunately, since I am over the age of, say, eight... I can't see the advertisements for those cute little diapered ogre-babies without instantly getting a mental picture of Shrek and Fiona... um...

Yeah, now you're imagining it too. You can thank me later. Don't forget to add the voices.

(P.S. I am very grateful that Disney decided not to go for the old joke of "one of the babies in the set doesn't look like the father," as was done, for example, with Apu's octuplets. Because having Fiona birth a little Donkey baby would have been just too much.)

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