Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blue's "First Kiss" Story: "I Don't Think It Should Become An Everyday Affair"

In honor of Valentine's Week, I dug out one of my old diaries (I've got boxes of these things, dating back fifteen years) and found the entry where I wrote about my first kiss.

I'll recreate it verbatim, though the names are changed where appropriate.

March 29, 1997

And today Brian kissed me.

I'll backtrack...

We all went to [nearby town slightly larger than my hometown, large enough to have a mall], and Brian and I held hands in the mall, and then we went to Wal-Mart & got our picture taken in one of those little booths, and etc. etc., until Brian and I were suddenly left alone in Brian's car, the rest of the group electing to ride in Heather & Megan's cars.

So Brian said, "So you've never held a guy's hand before?"

And I said, "Once, but it was for a show, so it didn't count."

And then he said, "Have you ever kissed a guy before?"

And I said, "No."

So then Brian said, "Have you ever wanted to?"

And of course I said, "Yeah."

So Brian asked me if I wanted him to kiss me now, and I (even though I knew it was coming) just about went nuts.

"But I don't know how to kiss anyone," I semi-wailed.

So Brian was like, "It's really easy... just... kind of... like this."

And then Brian kissed me. (And I was so dumb. I didn't even kiss back, or whatever that means.)

My first reaction was kind of weird. I mean, to be brutally honest, I thoroughly enjoyed the kiss, but is it considered bad form [and the words "to wipe the spit off of your mouth when it's done" have been scribbled over in heavy ink].

And then Brian said "You know, you can relax a little."

"No, I can't," I said. "I am physically incapable of relaxing right now."

So then we were like, "What do we do now?" and I suddenly decided to see if my new lipstick was kiss-proof. So we kissed again.

But it wasn't. So Brian ended up with peach frost on his lips, but he wiped it off.

That was all we did in Brian's car. I really liked being kissed. But I don't think it should become an everyday affair. That way, it will be all the more special.

[end diary excerpt]

Oh, poor Little Blue. Just wait a few years until you meet some people who are better at kissing.

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