Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ask Blue: Ctrlalteredmind's Question

Why is Children's Day celebrated exactly 9 months after Valentine's Day, in India?


Dear Ctrlalteredmind,

Children's Day is celebrated nine months after Valentine's Day because it's the time when all of the babies conceived over Diwali and the other winter holidays are born.

What can I say? IST is a powerful force.

Advicefully yours,



ctrlalteredmind said...

lol, thanks for the advice! I was just messing around, as I couldnt come up with a genuine question :)

the joke back in school was that Children's day (Nov 14) comes exactly nine months after Valentine's day, because all the grown-ups would be ... er.. having a happy time in February.

Actually, it was J. Nehru's birthday, and he happened to like being around kids, which was the true reason for that date choice.

brown said...

Your comment about IST is borderline racist. You should know that you can't say things like that about other people's cultures. It's just a small step away from calling Indian people lazy or incapable of operating on schedule.

And yes, if you were Indian, it would be different.