Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blue's Giving Free Advice. Get It While It's Hot.

Here's the deal, Team.

In honor of Valentine's Day, I'm playing Advice Columnist.

So: if there are any burning questions you want answered (including questions about things that shouldn't be burning), drop 'em in the comments.

Answers will appear on Valentine's Day.

While we can play PG:13 here (and I am not above answering the patently ridiculous), I reserve the right to delete any question that is left with malicious intent as well as any questions that are gratuitously obscene.

Feel free to comment anonymously.

If no one leaves me any questions, I will cry, and then be forced to answer a random sample of questions written to other advice columnists.

So... question away!


Anonymous said...

What's a mom to do? Let's say a mom bought her daughters Valentine's socks. And then one of the daughters falls down the stairs, fractures her toe and is in a cast. What is a mom to do with the socks?

Miri the cat said...

Give them to me! I love yarn!

ctrlalteredmind said...

Why is Children's Day celebrated exactly 9 months after Valentine's Day, in India?

Andre said...

How come whenever I try to go out with an white person, they always say something to me about how much they love yoga or bollywood or some other aspect of Indian culture? When I dated a French girl I didn't go on and on about how much I like Proust. It makes me feel like a token instead of a real human being. Which is why I mostly date Indian girls now.

Indianoguy said...

What women want?
No, its not a plug for the movie ;)

Anonymous said...

Using Pride and Prejudice as a reference- Why is it that women, as a whole, always seem to end up pining miserably over the Mr. Wickham-types while simultaneously cooing over how SWEET the Mr. Darcy-types are and how much they'd like to date someone exactly like that...

Happy V-Day, by the by. Give Miri-belle a pat from me :D

~Miss Ginny