Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Job Search Defined

I've been trying to define, for the past few months, what I am looking for in a job -- and in a job search. I had been floating around, trying things out, without a real plan of action.

Recently I had the chance to connect with a person who is going to talk with me about opportunities in DC and will undoubtedly give me some indispensable advice. But I couldn't meet with this person without a plan.

So I sat down, and thought it out, and then wrote it out -- and then revised it, until it made sense and felt like an achievable goal.

And here we go.

I'm not necessarily looking for a job in the fine arts, despite my degree. My goal is to find an admin or entry-level position in an organization which will allow me to use my analytical/writing skills. These seem to be the two biggest assets I have to offer an organization, and are also the parts of my current work which I find the most interesting.

With the entry-level job in hand, I'll begin to learn more about the internal structure of the organization, determine where my skill set could be most useful (and where I need to fill in the gaps in my education), and prepare myself for an eventual move up or a lateral move out.

Which means, at this point, that I'm not focusing on getting a job in a particular industry (e.g. "I want a career at a publishing house"). I'm looking at a variety of possibilities and am hoping to find an opportunity.

Part of the reason why I am looking at so many options (academic sector, government sector, private sector) is because, in truth, I don't really know what's out there -- in DC or anywhere else. My knowledge of the working world is framed by growing up in a tiny town.

That last part is especially true, and seems to be why I've found it so hard to name the type of job I might want. I just... don't know what kind of jobs there are, in a world larger than my hometown and larger than my university town.

But this goal seems workable, achievable, and promising. I like that.

It also -- perhaps most importantly -- gives me a logical next step.


Director said...

That's basically my thing, too. I don't care what industry or field my next job is in, so long as I can utilize my strongest assets: writing, speaking in front of people, basic management. I don't NEED a theatre job, nor am I particularly dying for one. I'd be perfectly content with a decent 9-5 job and doing community theatre on the side. Perfectly happy with that.

Having said that, I'd like to make more than $25k/year at whatever I do next. I do have student loans to pay off, you know.

Hope you have better luck finding a job than I have had lately.

spark said...

Ever thought about taking up tech writing? it involves a lot of writing, though not very creative I must say.

Blue said...

I have, and I think I'd like that kind of thing. I like putting words in order. I'm like Neil Neches and his semicolon. ^__^

What's the next step if a person wants to get a tech writing job?

spark said...

Ummm I am not sure, I think you need to start applying in all those software companies, they are always short of tech writers.