Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Super Tuesday Couture

Just to prove that I will never, ever, ever be cool, I'll let you know what I am wearing today.

A sweatshirt, turned inside out (so you can't see what was on it originally), upon which I have written "VOTE" in duct tape.

I am well aware that this will not convince anyone new to vote. If they haven't already figured out their polling place and blocked off time in their busy schedule to vote, they aren't going to do so just because I'm pretending to be a walking billboard.

At the same time, it felt weird not to do anything. And, as I couldn't wear one of those nifty "I Voted" stickers (since I voted in today's primary a few weeks ago, on the day when I drove a car full of unregistered grad students down to get registered), I thought I would let the verb take the imperative form.

(Writing about verb imperatives is another reason why I will never be cool.)

Yay Super Tuesday!

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