Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ask Blue: Miss Ginny's Question

Using Pride and Prejudice as a reference- Why is it that women, as a whole, always seem to end up pining miserably over the Mr. Wickham-types while simultaneously cooing over how SWEET the Mr. Darcy-types are and how much they'd like to date someone exactly like that...

Happy V-Day, by the by. Give Miri-belle a pat from me :D

~Miss Ginny

Dear Miss Ginny,

Miri says hi. ^__^

My official Pride and Prejudice Theory of Romance is that all women think every Mr. Wickham is a Mr. Darcy until they find out that he is, in fact, a Mr. Wickham.

This is what Lizzie does, after all. She thinks Mr. Wickham is the be-all and end-all, until she finds out that he isn't.

I'd argue with you that the sweet types aren't actually Darcys at all, but Bingleys. And there's nothing wrong with a Bingley. But it's hard to be with a Bingley when you really want a Darcy, and the trouble with Darcys is that they so often get confused with Wickhams.

Darcy and Wickham grew up together, after all. Like, in the same house. No wonder they're similar.

BTW, the quickest way for a man to go from being a Bingley to being a Darcy is to find some way of challenging his Lizzie (take her rock climbing, or sit with her during the presidential debates and start playing devil's advocate about her favorite candidate). A Bingley-turned-Darcy can be quite an attractive man.

Unless, of course, the Bingley wants a Jane. Bingleys and Janes are generally quite happy with one another, and neither of them have to worry about the belay devices breaking.

Hope this helps!

Advicefully yours,



Anonymous said...

How much do I love that you have an official Pride and Prejudice Theory of Romance?

A lot. Oceans and continents and... other large things that could feasibly contain love. Seriously :-D

~Miss Ginny

Beth said...

Personally I've never fallen for Darcy, as I know we have discussed on other sites. :) But the Revelation of the Inner Wickham is a sad but necessary day - and while one does not want it to happen, one would rather it happened than not, as it would stink to be with a Wickham and not know it. It seems to me that most Wickhams, Bingleys, and Darcys really do want Janes - pretty, pleasant, sweet, but dull and certainly not challenging or showing evidence of brain power. I hope I'm wrong about that.

Now the cousin Fitzwilliam...him I'd like to know more about!