Thursday, January 17, 2008


Back to being a graduate student.

Doing something constantly. 33 contact hours/wk plus homeworks.

That means... the lovely yoga practice schedule I set for myself while temping (which basically involved me doing yoga during the hour of daily syndicated Simpsons episodes on Fox) has gone out the cliched window and is being replaced by unenviable softness. (Someone remind me that guys like a little softness, 'kay?)

It also means I have no clue what happened in Michigan on Tuesday, except it involved Romney doing something and Clinton doing something else which she shouldn't have done because the DNC hadn't approved Michigan anyway.

On the plus side, I really like my coursework this semester. I convinced my advisers that every theatre person should be well-versed in the art of running a business, and so I am taking two grad-level business courses. It's such an interesting dynamic to go from grad seminars which are all about the interpersonal (i.e. "working with actors") and which contain very few "right answers" (but plenty of wrong ones), to a course where I can, quite satisfactorily, point to figures and numbers and have them lead me to a logical, viable conclusion.

So if I post sporadically for a while... well... yeah. I'm in teh classroom, teachin' teh undergrads. Etc.

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