Saturday, January 5, 2008

Still Riding the "Obama Won Iowa" High

Called my sister last night. She's in Washington and knows much more about the inner workings of politics than I do.

I had one question.

"What can I do to be part of Super Duper Tuesday?"

It seems like the only thing I can do at this point is vote (although holding a sign and jumping around with excitement -- a legal distance from the polling places, of course -- also comes to mind).

Also, if you haven't yet read this essay at Group News Blog, you should:

And once Obama started talking, after about fifteen seconds, my wife suddenly flipped over towards the wall, covering her head and saying through the muffled blankets...

“I can't watch!”

And in that moment, she verbalized exactly what was on my mind, and I dare say what was on the minds of a considerable majority of the African Americans watching him call down verbal thunder in those minutes.

We...were afraid.

I found myself not unconsciously scanning the roaring crowd, praying to not see a weapon pop above the throng and point at him.

I suppose it's a bit remarkable that I hadn't even thought of that (or, at least, indicative of my privileged/isolated background), but I hadn't.

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