Monday, January 28, 2008

Update on the Giant Blue Foot

My giant blue foot, which I was mistakenly calling a "Smurf Foot" until I remembered that Smurfs wear white footed leggings (except for Smurfette, who wears heels -- btw, if you want to read something bizarre and anti-feminist, check out Smurfette's biography), seems to be healing a bit.

There's no pain left except for an occasional dull throbbing, so I'm off the Vicodin (for now).

I haven't done much walking because my doctor told me to stay in bed for these past three days (I go back to my university work tomorrow), but I can already tell that walking is going to be really weird.

For starters, although I have a complete range of mobility in my ankle, I have no mobility within the foot itself, and the combination cast and orthopedic shoe put a lot of weight on my leg. To understand what walking is like, strap a large brick to the bottom of your foot and see how well you get around.

I told my roommate that I wanted one of those signs that said "Slow-Moving Vehicle."

Showering is no big deal (strap on a garbage sack and tape it to the skin), but getting dressed is tricky. Even putting on sweatpants is a long, inch-by-inch process. Do you remember what it was like trying to get a pair of pants on a Ken doll? It's the same problem.

Every once in a while I can feel the pins, but they don't really hurt. They just feel... there. That's cool. I'm dorky enough to think it's cool. ^__^

This sort of thing is theoretically supposed to teach me patience and blah blah, but I'm already pretty good for patience and am more interested in finding out how to get around without completely screwing up my body alignment, etc. Thoughts?

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