Saturday, January 26, 2008

Michelle Obama Is Rocking Awesome, Too

A friend forwarded me this article about Michelle Obama, which I think everyone should read.

Michelle Obama apparently cured Barack of commitment-phobia (the story of the wedding proposal is priceless), and she's fighting for more family-friendly policies in the workplace.

Oh, and Barack still does his full share of chores at home, even though he's running for president.

He does the laundry, makes the bed, takes out the garbage, she says.

"The girls need to see him doing that, and he knows I need him to do that," she says.

"That was a meeting of the minds that we had to reach.

"I wasn't content with saying, `You're doing important things in the world, so go off and be important and I'll handle everything else here."

That's fantastic. The fact that they still take out their own garbage is fantastic. And the fact that Barack is still taking out the garbage in the middle of all this campaigning means that he knows how to live in the "real world."

Which can only be good for America, 'cause we've been governed by a man living in an astonishingly fake world for far too long.

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