Sunday, July 22, 2007


The following contains an itty-bitty HP spoiler which has very little to do with the plot or circumstances of the book. Blogger's beta format doesn't let us do cuts, so I can't hide it behind a link or anything like that. I'll skip some space before we begin.


There. (It's a guy in a hat with a really long, skinny nose. ^__^)

So at one point in Deathly Hallows we are given a description of Luna's bedroom. (Get your mind out of that gutter!) We learn that Luna has drawn large pictures of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, and Ginny, and has written on each picture the word "friends," in gold lettering.

I suddenly remembered that when I was that age (okay, a year older; I had just started undergrad) I had done something remarkably similar. Although it was my friends' names I had written in gold.

(The names are blurred, obviously.)

I've always felt a particular kinship with Luna. ^__^


Daniel said...


When I read that, I was like...Luna's creepy! But apparently, Luna's just a girl! Who knew?

I know who #s 1, 2, and 3 are, I think... (1's your old roommate who's dropped off the face of the planet, and 2's the "mer" user and 3's our favorite Eugene V Debs scholar, right?) Not too sure about # 4 (is it the roommate of yours who liked to share disgusting stories over dinner?), and is 5 me? (or do you have other friends I don't know about?)

Blue said...

#5 is you. #4 is me, drawn rather unflatteringly. My Swann-loving roommate wasn't part of our little crowd, then.

This was drawn pretty early in our undergrad tenure. ^__^

Daniel said...

How adorable! 4 is you! :-p

I wonder where #1 is nowadays...I miss her.
#3's doing well, last I heard...and, well, #2... no one knows anything about him. But then again, can we really know anything about anyone? :-p