Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Week: Cosplay!

I know, I promised you a hilarious story... but it's probably one of Murphy's Laws of Blogging that whenever one promises one's readers a particular post, it (for whatever reason) doesn't get written.

Instead I will give you my Harry Potter cosplay, right before I dash off to my Harry Potter party.

I'm going as Young Trelawney. From the "first prophecy" years. When she was hot.

How do you like them tea leaves?

(Editor's Note: The "tea leaves" are actually Madhur Jaffrey's Spinach with Ginger and Red Pepper. She also wants you to know that she realizes her blurred face looks creepy, and that one of these days she'll just give up and let you see it in all it's fantasticness.

She also realizes that she has now completely lost her scholarly credibility, due to slatternly costume and shabby apartment. But her hair looks amazing, doesn't it?)

1 comment:

Daniel said...


I didn't dress up. Ever. There once was a point in my life when I looked more Harry Potter-esque, but for now I think I'm stuck being not-so-HP-like.