Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The "What Am I Going To Wear (On My Feet) In India" Post

I've had a particular pair of shoes in mind for a while. They would be both pretty and comfortable, suitable for long walks, easy to run quickly in (if necessary), and able to slip on and off.

Thanks to the Fourth of July sales, I was able to nab them. For 50% off!*

Theoretically these should then be the only pair of shoes I need to take with me (as they adorably match all the clothes I've mentally pre-packed), and if I find I need another pair of shoes, I can buy them in Hyderabad.

That should have been all I needed to purchase today, but this past week my beloved boho bag, which I've carried for about four years and which I planned to take with me to India, ripped a big hole into it. (S. asked me how that possibly could have happened. I hinted that it probably had something to do with all the junk I shove in there.)

So I found I needed to buy a purse. And I went to every store in the mall searching for one. And I realized that somewhere in the past four years when I wasn't looking, the style changed from "purses on long straps that can be slung across the chest" to "purses on tiny straps that have to be carried somewhere in the armpit."

I went from store to store looking for something that could actually be worn on the body, instead of having to be clutched or clasped. And of the (few) purses I found that had decent-length straps, I then had to hunt for one that actually closed at the top, instead of leaving itself open for all the pickpockets of the world to slide their fingers in. (You would be surprised at how many purses have no form of top-closure. What is the point?)

And, once I found those purses, I then had to pick out one that matched the shoes. ^__^

The results are below. Darling, yes?

* Editor's Note: She is well aware that "50% off" is a mere gimmick designed to lure people into the stores. She is equally aware that she did not actually "save" any money buying these shoes, as they are always priced as high as the market will bear regardless of any 50% signs, and that there is no true "full price," and that she is not planning to put the money the shoes would have cost into a savings account (the only real way to "save" anything).

Also, while she has your attention, she would like to remind everyone that although today is technically an American "holiday," it is also a normal workday for nearly half of the American workforce -- coincidentally the lower-paid half, the half less likely to get the opportunity for a paid vacation day at another time (if ever). She would write more, but she would have to go find a soapbox to match her shoes.


S said...

Ok, white shoes in India - not such a good idea; expect them to turn black right about first week in.

Daniel said...

They match nicely (at least for now!)

Ennis said...

Is that S's first comment? Expect to buy shoes in India anyway.

Anonymous said...


I echo S - white shoes in India for wear on a regular basis - not such a great idea. Are they washable? I have a similar pair in black and LOVE them...they're the most comfortable pair of black shoes I own - can you change colors? Maybe to a brown that's a little darker than your purse? That should be more dirt-proof than white!

Purses - you can get very good leather ones, with all your specs, in India, for about 25 - 30% of the price you'd pay here.


AvinashBlithe said...

Welcome to Hyderabad and get ready for the ride of your life!! Dont worry, that is not meant to intimidate, just that friendly old Hyderabadi way to say welcome aboard. Have been reading your blog off and on and have selectively assimilated, what appears to be, deeply literate stuff!!

Blue said...

S -- I suppose if they turn a consistent shade of black, it might be all right. ^__^

Daniel -- thanks (at least for now!)

Ennis -- no, it isn't (haven't you been paying attention?). Of course I'm going to buy shoes in India too; I just wanted to buy shoes now because... you know... girls and shoes... ^__^

Bitterlemons -- they had a pair of very dark brown shoes in the same style, but no black. Am tempted to try to go back to Payless and make the trade, although I've already worn the beige shoes outside.

Thanks for the purse tip.

Avinashblithe -- I am deeply literate? I am deeply honored. Welcome! Are you Hyderabadi (couldn't tell from your blog)?

tinkertoon said...

things to try when in india:

write poetry
love deeply
walk barefoot
dance with wild abandon
cry at the movies

Blue said...

Ah -- but what if I do all of those things regularly already?

Ennis said...

You might be able to die these shoes there. Ask S for his opinion.

Anonymous said...


Go - get the dark brown! :-D

But hey, I *love* impractical shoes....I carried a pair of pale tan suede sneakers (the fancy kind) to India last time, and babied them everywhere! :-) Refused to wear them anytime I needed to walk anyplace! Drove my brother crazy :-D


AvinashBlithe said...

As a matter of fact, I am. Has your teaching assignment kicked off yet?