Tuesday, July 24, 2007

hi i have skype why is no one calling me RIGHT NOW????!!!!!

So I downloaded Skype and am going to force my family to do the same... free calls in India WOOT!!!!!!

(Also am jumping up and down at the cuteness of WeeMees.)

Anyway. Now that I have this microphone, it also means that my laptop is configured for audio recording, which means that I can participate in Librivox and help turn public domain books into audio texts. I've fallen in love with Librivox and have been listening nearly constantly during my temp job. And, as my younger sister knows, one of my favorite things to do is read aloud to people. (My sister was the willing -- sometimes unwilling -- subject for hours and hours of narrated text. We did the entire Streatfeild set, as well as The Westing Game and a lot of Roald Dahl.)

Or maybe it means I could start giving podcasts! Aren't those supposed to be cool?

Anyway. Am off to play with new technology now.


Daniel said...

oooh the westing game...

Blue said...

Did you know there is a MOVIE of The Westing Game?????

But on the box cover, Turtle doesn't have her braid!

I hate when movies ruin books.