Saturday, July 28, 2007

My Less Impressive Frozen-Naan Cheesy Spinach Melt

DesiPundit linked to a beautiful chapati pizza cooked by Indira at Mahanandi.

Yeah, I do that sometimes too.

But somehow it doesn't look qu
ite as good.

Tasted fine, though.

Once again have to give the shout-out to how much I adore spinach.

(And Daniel, I plated this one twice
to see which plate coordinated better. You tell me!)


Daniel said...


You know, normally I don't like green on green too much, but here, I like it a lot. Somehow it works. Maybe it's the addition of the beige/yellow other-bits.

Beth said...

I just made pizza using frozen roti as the crust. They got way crispier (11 minutes at 375) than anything else I've tried!