Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Message for SepiaMutiny

I know you deal in much larger issues, and that I should really be busying myself thinking about one of them instead, but the one thing that stuck with me after reading your feed today was the discovery that the people on NPR aren't pronouncing "Lakshmi" correctly.

Is it really true? Really?

How is it actually pronounced?

And can you suggest a nice drug to combat the depression that comes alongside learning that even Public Radio can't get their phonemes right, and thus I (a small person with no governmental funding or pledge drives) have no hope?



Daniel said...

I love Lakshmi Singh! In NY, we have Soterios Johnson, too, whom I love. What is it with NPR people and fun names?

Anonymous said...

Hit a pet peeve here...why won't people pronounce their OWN names right!

(of course, you could then get into a long argument about what constitutes the correct pronounciation of a common name like Lakshmi)


Beth said...
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Blue said...

Yeah... after BOB Chicago and hearing "bhangra" pronounced as everything from "ban-ga-ra" to "bungra" (and these from the various judges, no less!) I've pretty much given up on the One True Pronunciation. ^__^

ggop said...

Simple, NPR should hire couple of people and form a pronunciation department like the BBC.
Yes, why does Lakshmi Singh choose to say Lack.shmee?

Thambi said...

how much do you want to bet that YOU mispronounce Indian words, constantly?

Blue said...

I do mispronounce!

That's why I was disappointed to learn that my audio models (e.g. NPR, who should have someone on staff to help with dialect issues) also mispronounce.

The entire point of the post is that I mispronounce, and imitating NPR's pronunciation isn't going to help me get any better. *__^